Portfolio Monitoring Program

Helping our clients complete their risk management programs.



Why Monitor My Portfolio?

What Is My Commitment ?

What Is The Cost?

The Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. helps to protect its clients’ assets and enhance their portfolio performance by monitoring investments for losses resulting from misconduct.

By unleashing the investigative background of former law enforcement officers and the litigation skills developed over many years, we help protect investors in an area of their portfolio – recovering fraud-related losses – in which they often have neither the time nor the tools to focus.

Through our Portfolio Monitoring Program, we focus on client losses that already exist on their balance sheets through no fault of their own. While our clients focus on current investments and seek to enhance future portfolio performance, we monitor their portfolio for losses that result from fraud, and we are committed to help clients recover those losses.

The Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. offers its clients complimentary portfolio monitoring services. We monitor the stock market and client portfolios for apparent and not-so-apparent instances of corporate fraud.

We unleash investigators and attorneys who, collectively, leverage more than 50 years of law enforcement experience to fully evaluate the merits of a potential claim.

If we believe that a client’s investment has been compromised by misconduct, we will provide immediate notification and work diligently to recover any resulting losses.

Markets respond when corporate fraud is exposed. Typically, a company’s stock price will fall sharply when the truth is revealed, and the stock price often continues to decline for some time thereafter.

Those who invest in stock during the occurrence of a fraud and before it is exposed, invariably, will have purchased shares at inflated prices. When the stock price falls due to the exposure of fraudulent business practices, investors incur losses caused by the wrongdoing of company insiders or directors. Such losses can potentially be recovered through federal or state litigation.

If you choose to benefit from our complimentary portfolio monitoring, we will track the companies in which you have invested and will notify you when we discover that you may be eligible to recover material losses caused by corporate fraud.

There is no commitment on your part. We monitor the portfolio and alert you when we believe your investments may have been negatively and materially affected by misconduct, or when there is litigation in which you may have a claim.

There is no expectation or requirement for you to move forward with any litigation, unless you decide to take legal action. Further, there is no requirement to utilize our litigation services.

We offer our clients the following portfolio monitoring services free of charge:

  • Monitor trading activity.
  • Help design a securities litigation policy tailored to the needs of each client.
  • Review portfolio losses and investigate potential claims.
  • Present detailed findings and analysis, so the fund can make informed decisions.
  • Analyze newly-filed securities cases to determine any impact on the portfolio.
  • Provide reports detailing the status of litigation in which the fund may have a claim.
  • Consult on strategic decisions, to ensure clients remain well-informed while controlling the course of litigation.
  • Help develop procedures to collect on all class-action claims.