KLF is pleased to announce that our client, FX Primus Ltd., a leading financial services company, scored a significant legal victory before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. The Second Circuit affirmed the district court’s prior decision, upholding the rejection of most of the claims brought by AMA Capital, LLC (“AMA”) in an antitrust class-action settlement.

The settlement agreement in question mandated that claimants provide transactional records to support their claims, with the claims administrator having the discretion to deem documents acceptable. AMA’s claims were rejected, primarily due to its failure to provide the required records. The district court concurred with this decision and denied AMA’s motion for reconsideration.

On appeal, AMA contended that the district court erred by not considering documents submitted during the post-rejection contest process and by applying improper evidentiary requirements. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals, however, affirmed the district court’s orders, determining that the claims administrator was not obligated to accept records during the contest process if they were previously available to AMA. The court also found no error in the district court’s denial of AMA’s claims.

Partner John A. Kehoe, representing FX Primus Ltd., expressed satisfaction with the outcome, stating, “This decision reaffirms the integrity of the settlement agreement, which required claimants to substantiate their claims with acceptable documents. The court’s ruling underscores the importance of adhering to the stipulated procedures and evidentiary requirements outlined in the settlement agreement.”

The Kehoe Law Firm remains committed to upholding the principles of fairness and adherence to legal processes in financial matters. The successful resolution of this appeal further reinforces our dedication to ensuring the integrity of class-action settlements.

For more information about the FX indirect purchaser antitrust litigation and the related settlement, please visit the claims administrator’s website, available here:


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