Antitrust Law

At Kehoe Law Firm, we stand as staunch advocates for fair competition and consumer rights in the realm of antitrust litigation. Our seasoned legal team possesses a proven track record of success in representing plaintiffs who have been adversely affected by anticompetitive practices, monopolistic behavior, and other violations of antitrust laws.

We are committed to upholding the principles of a competitive marketplace and ensuring that our clients receive just compensation for the harm they’ve endured. Whether on behalf of direct purchasers or end-users who are adversely affected by anticompetitive conduct, we are dedicated to ensuring fair market competition and protecting our clients from unlawful business practices.

With our proven track record and unique investigative approach, supported by over 50 years of law enforcement experience, we fight tirelessly for those harmed by anticompetitive practices. This experience includes challenging no-poach agreements that deprive workers of a competitive wage, to price fixing complaints involving such things as pipe fittings, seafood, vitamins, financial instruments, and other products.   


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