Whistleblower Claims

In the realm of commerce, whistleblowers emerge as unsung heroes, courageously jeopardizing their careers and reputations to expose illicit practices and uphold ethical standards in the face of corporate fraud. If you possess information regarding fraudulent activities and contemplate stepping forward as a whistleblower, we stand ready to assist you in constructing a compelling case for authorities. Our expertise lies in safeguarding you from retaliation, ensuring your legal protection, and aiding in your pursuit of a share of the government’s recovered funds.

At Kehoe Law Firm, our legal team is dedicated to championing the cause of whistleblowers. Our daily mission involves combatting corporate fraud, with decades of experience in intricate cases involving health care, pharmaceuticals, securities, and corporate malfeasance. Additionally, clients benefit from our renowned Investigative Services Division, comprised of federally-trained investigators, renowned for their relentless pursuit of evidence.

Unmasking Financial Fraud on Wall Street

Kehoe Law Firm boasts a rich history of successfully challenging financial fraud perpetrated by some of the world’s largest corporations. In recent years, whistleblower programs implemented by the SEC, CFTC, and the IRS have emerged, rewarding individuals who provide information that leads to successful enforcement actions. We possess the knowledge and acumen to navigate the intricacies of financial fraud and effectively advocate for you before enforcement agencies.

Our assistance extends to reporting information related to:

  • Accounting fraud

  • Insider trading

  • Corporate misconduct

  • Market manipulation

  • Tax evasion

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations

Guardians of Government Funds

Each year, the federal government loses billions of dollars due to waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer funds. Whistleblowers play a pivotal role in combating this fraud by initiating lawsuits under the federal False Claims Act or specific state False Claims Acts. These qui tam lawsuits empower private citizens to sue on behalf of the government and share in the recovery of government dollars. Our experienced lawyers specialize in handling qui tam lawsuits involving:

  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud

  • Pharmaceutical company fraud

  • Loan and grant fraud

  • Government contract fraud, including defense and other government spending

  • Hospital, nursing home, and home health care fraud

  • Education program fraud

We are committed to helping you pursue a case under the federal and state False Claims Acts, maximizing rewards, and shielding you from illegal retaliation.

Embarking on the Journey

If you possess information about fraud against government programs or violations of federal securities, commodities, tax, or anti-foreign bribery laws, please contact us at [email protected] or call 215-792-6676.

Consultations and case evaluations are free and confidential.


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