The Kehoe Law Firm is delighted to announce that Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), along with co-plaintiffs Oklahoma Firefighters Pension Retirement System, Electrical Workers Pension Fund Local 103, I.B.E.W., Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority Pension Plan, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Defined Benefit Pension Plan Master Trust, Boston Retirement System, Government Employees Retirement System of the Virgin Islands, and United Food and Commercial Workers Union and Participating Food Industry Employers Tri-State Pension Fund (collectively “Plaintiffs”), has filed a Second Amended Complaint in the Mexican Government Bonds antitrust litigation.

The complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, represents Plaintiffs and all individuals involved in a Mexican Government Bond (“MGB”) transaction between January 1, 2006, and April 19, 2017. It alleges that during this period, the defendants engaged in a conspiracy to fix the prices for Mexican Government Bonds issued by the Mexican government through the Bank of Mexico (“Banxico”). 

The complaint asserts that the defendants executed transactions involving pricefixed MGBs at artificial prices, impacting uninformed market participants such as Plaintiffs and the Class. The alleged manipulation was reportedly conducted through various interconnected means.

KLF Partner John A. Kehoe expressed his satisfaction with the progress, stating, “We are extremely pleased to file the Second Amended Complaint on behalf of our esteemed clients, including SEPTA. This collective action seeks justice for all those affected by the alleged antitrust violations related to Mexican Government Bonds. Furthermore, it is gratifying to report that we have already achieved a partial settlement, notably with entities associated with Barclays PLC and JP Morgan Chase & Co., who have committed $20.7 million to a settlement fund pending final court approval.”

A copy of the complaint is available here:

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