Allegations of cracked aluminum wheels in Chevrolet Corvettes have given rise to a class action lawsuit, claiming that certain models suffer from rims that crack and bend, leading to tire leaks and blowouts.

The complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, specifically targets 2015 to present Chevy Corvette Z06 and 2017 to present Corvette Grand Sport cars. The lawsuit asserts that these vehicles are equipped with rims made from a less durable cast material rather than forged, potentially compromising their structural integrity. 

California resident Richard Barrington, one of the plaintiffs, purchased a new 2018 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, only to discover a right rear tire leak within one or two months. Technicians confirmed that the rear wheel was cracked in three places, necessitating replacement. Subsequently, Barrington faced a similar issue with the driver-side rear wheel, allegedly denied warranty coverage by General Motors (GM). Despite driving the Corvette normally, Barrington claims to have spent approximately $3,000 replacing six cracked wheels. 

The lawsuit contends that GM knowingly used cheaper cast aluminum and reduced material to save weight, making the rims insufficiently robust for regular driving conditions. This alleged issue has persisted since the cars were first sold, with GM purportedly aware of the problem but insisting that the rims are not defective. Corvette owners seeking warranty-covered wheel repairs are reportedly denied, leading them to shoulder the financial burden of replacing allegedly cracked wheels. 

Citing a Car and Driver magazine report titled “Wheel Woes,” the lawsuit alleges evidence of the widespread nature of the cracked wheel problem. The report includes a review of a 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport that experienced three bent wheels, incurring a $1,119 repair bill.

Michael Yarnoff, Partner with the Kehoe Law Firm, expressed satisfaction with the filing of the complaint, stating, “We believe the claims are meritorious, and we are very pleased with the progress of the case.” 

Kehoe Law Firm remains committed to representing the interests of the affected consumers and seeks a fair resolution for those impacted by the alleged defects. 

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