Owners and Lessees of Nissan Maxima (2019-2021), Nissan Sentra (2020-2021), Nissan Versa (2020-2021), Nissan Rogue Sport (2017-2021), Nissan Altima (2019-2021), Nissan Kicks (2020-2021), Nissan Rogue (2017-2020), Nissan Armada (2021), Nissan Leaf (2018-2021), Nissan Murano (2019-2021), and Nissan Titan (2020-2021) Vehicles May Have Legal Claims. 

On February 15, 2022, a class action lawsuit was filed against Nissan North America, Inc. and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (collectively, “Nissan”) in federal court on behalf of all persons who currently or formerly owned or leased any Nissan brand light vehicle equipped with a Continental ARS410 radar sensor, including the following: Maxima (2019-2021), Sentra (2020-2021), Versa (2020-2021), Rogue Sport (2017-2021), Altima (2019-2021), Kicks (2020-2021), Rogue (2017-2020), Armada (2021), Leaf (2018-2021), Murano (2019-2021), Titan (2020-2021) (the “Class Vehicles”).

According to the class action complaint, the defendants wrongfully and intentionally concealed, and continue to conceal, from the pre-purchase/lease transaction to the present day, one or more defects in the Class Vehicles’ Forward Emergency Braking (“FEB”) system that can cause it to falsely engage or otherwise not work as intended.

Allegedly, the FEB defect causes, among other things, (1) the Class Vehicles to detect nonexistent obstacles, thereby automatically triggering the brakes and causing the Class Vehicles to abruptly slow down or come to a complete stop with no actual need to do so and/or (2) the FEB system to deactivate itself, thereby distracting the driver and rendering the FEB system disabled and useless.  The FEB system, according to the complaint, is not a safety feature, as Nissan has claimed, but rather an unpredictable and unreasonable safety hazard.

Further, the FEB defect, allegedly, can cause the Class Vehicles to stop without warning during normal and intended vehicle operation, thus posing an unreasonable safety hazard to drivers, passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians.

Owners and Lessees of Nissan Maxima (2019-2021), Nissan Sentra (2020-2021), Nissan Versa (2020-2021), Nissan Rogue Sport (2017-2021), Nissan Altima (2019-2021), Nissan Kicks (2020-2021), Nissan Rogue (2017-2020), Nissan Armada (2021), Nissan Leaf (2018-2021), Nissan Murano (2019-2021), and Nissan Titan (2020-2021) vehicles are encouraged to contact Kehoe Law Firm, P.C., [email protected], for a free, confidential consultation and no-obligation evaluation of potential legal claims.