Securities Litigation

At times, officers and directors inflate the price of their company’s securities by misleading investors about the company’s financial condition or operating results. Institutional and individual investors are left to suffer financially upon revelation of the true financial condition or operating results, and the stock or bond prices plummet. While investors suffer losses, officers and directors may profit personally by selling their shares at inflated prices before the company discloses adverse information to the market.

Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. specializes in securities litigation, both class and direct actions, on behalf of individual and institutional investors. We also represent investors in matters of corporate misconduct and abuse, such as when executives and directors breach fiduciary duties of care and loyalty, or engage in self-dealing or other forms of corporate waste. We are highly experienced in securities litigation and have dedicated ourselves to representing investors. Developing innovative legal theories and being thought leaders in the field is what underpins our commitment to protect the securities markets and investor interests.

We are not a securities litigation mill. Rather, the Firm is highly selective in the litigation it commences and is committed to prosecute meritorious cases for the benefit of clients and other shareholders. The Firm’s principal, John A. Kehoe, is currently “Of Counsel” to two prominent national law firms, and because most cases involve multiple firms on both sides of a caption, the Firm is frequently called upon to prosecute securities cases together with a team of talented lawyers and staff from co-counsel.

Because our reputation matters, we recommend litigation only after an exhaustive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of potential claims. Although the size of a financial loss matters, when we determine that a case is weak on the merits, we recommend against litigation. When a case is strong on the merits, or when a client has a special interest, we may recommend litigation, but only as a last resort to other alternative means that may help resolve disputes in which our clients have a financial stake.