Bumble Bee Premium Select Medium Red Smoked Salmon Subject of Class Action Lawsuit

Medium Red Smoked Salmon – Not High-Quality, Not Wild-Caught – Complaint Alleges  

On December 6, 2017, a class action complaint was filed in United States District Court, Southern District of California, against Bumble Bee Foods, LLC accusing the “well-known purveyor of canned fish,” including the Bumble Bee product “Premium Select Medium Red Smoked Salmon Filets in Oil,” of misleading practices concerning the nature and quality of its canned Medium Red Smoked Salmon food product.

According to the class action complaint, brought to enjoin Bumble Bee’s misleading practices and to recover restitution and damages for the class:

Through various labeling statements and design elements, Bumble Bee falsely suggests that [Bumble Bee] Medium Red Smoked Salmon is high-quality, wild-caught salmon, when it is actually low-quality, farm-raised Chilean salmon that has been colored. Bumble Bee also falsely and unlawfully represents that the product is smoked salmon, when it is actually unsmoked salmon to which smoke flavor has been added.

By making these false, misleading, and unlawful representations, Bumble Bee is able to charge a significant price premium compared to what it could charge for low-quality, colored, smoke-flavored, farm-raised salmon.

The complaint alleges that the “Plaintiff purchased the [Bumble Bee] Medium Red Smoked Salmon believing he was purchasing high-quality, smoked wild-caught Alaskan salmon, and was injured as a result of Bumble Bee’s misrepresentations because he received a product worth less than he paid.”

Consumers Have False Impression About Medium Red Smoked Salmon

The impression, according to the class action complaint, with which consumers are left regarding the Medium Red Smoked Salmon “. . . is false, because the [Bumble Bee] Medium Red Smoked Salmon is not high-quality, wild-caught salmon, but low-quality, farm-raised salmon, which has been colored via feed to look like wild salmon.”   

According to the complaint, “[i]n reality, the fish in the [Bumble Bee] Medium Red Smoked Salmon is not wild Alaskan Coho salmon, but farm-raised Chilean Coho salmon (which is later canned in Thailand), also sometimes referred to as ‘Silverfish.’”

Consumers of Bumble Bee Premium Select Medium Red Smoked Salmon

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