ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics, Inc. – Data Security Incident Affects 350,000 Individuals*

ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics has reported that on August 8, 2021, an unauthorized party accessed the ReproSource network. The company discovered ransomware on August 10, 2021. 

The company’s investigation did not confirm that the unauthorized party acquired data in the incident, but out of an abundance of caution, ReproSource Fertility Diagnostics notified individuals whose personal information may have been accessed.

According to the company, the personal information included name and one or more of the following: address, phone number, email address, date of birth, billing and health information, such as CPT codes, diagnosis codes, test requisitions and results, test reports and/or medical history information, health insurance or group plan identification names and numbers, and other information provided by the individual or treating physician. 

Have You Been Harmed As A Result Of A Data Breach Which Has Exposed Your Private Personal, Protected Health Or Personally Identifiable Information?

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*Source: Office of The Maine Attorney General, Data Breach Notifications.