Whistleblower Litigation

The Kehoe Law Firm’s (“KLF”) team has extensive experience investigating and prosecuting fraud, as well as interacting with sources of information, especially brave, honest individuals who are willing to expose fraud committed against the United States government.  Those individuals, technically known as relators, but often referred to as whistleblowers, serve as key conduits of testimonial and documentary evidence, which otherwise would not be disclosed or publicly available, of wrongful conduct by corporate actors.  The information provided by whistleblowers is not only extremely powerful, but critical to support actions on behalf of the government under the qui tam provisions of state and federal False Claims Acts.

KLF counsel and investigative personnel work very closely with relators throughout all phases of the qui tam process from initial meetings and/or discussions with federal or state prosecutorial personnel until the conclusion of the litigation. Whistleblowers have facilitated the government’s recovery of billions of dollars since the amendments to the federal False Claims Act in the late 1980’s.  Generally, the government can recover treble, or three times actual, damages under False Claim Act statutes plus additional civil penalties for each invoice or false statement used to secure remuneration, or payment, from the government.

Generally, a qui tam relator who initiates a successful false claim action in which the government intervenes is entitled to between 15% and 30% of the total governmental recovery. It is important to note that relator rewards, or recoveries, depend on various factors, such as whether the government intervenes and recovers funds through a settlement and the specific reward programs of federal regulatory agencies.

Exposure of fraud schemes perpetrated against the government are strongly encouraged, as evidenced by the active promotion of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodities Futures Trading Commission, and Internal Revenue Service financial fraud whistleblower programs. In this regard, KLF will vigorously represent the interests of any relator who is willing to provide information related to Medicare/Medicaid, defense or other government contractor, loan and grant, and pharmaceutical fraud, as well as accounting, insider trading, market manipulation, tax evasion, corporate malfeasance/misconduct, and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations.