Is Your Vehicle The Subject Of a Defect Investigation?

Is Your Vehicle The Subject Of a Defect Investigation?

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NHTSA Active Vehicle Defect Investigations – Monthly Summary

Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. is making consumers aware that a monthly summary of active National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) vehicle defect investigations can be viewed by clicking NHTSA Defect Investigation Report – January 2021.”

Please note that the investigations are grouped according to type of investigation (i.e., Preliminary Evaluation, Engineering Analysis, Recall Query, and Defect/Recall Petition) and identify the products under investigation, the alleged problem, and the investigation status.

For up-to-date details on specific investigations, consumers can enter the investigation’s “Action#” in the NHTSA SAFETY ISSUE ID box, after selecting the “search by NHTSA ID” link on the NHTSA “Safety Issues & Recalls” page (click here.)

Types of NHTSA Defect Investigations

The types of defect investigations are defined by the NHTSA as follows:


Initial phase of a NHTSA investigation, a PE is prompted after a review of consumer complaints and/or manufacturer service bulletins suggest a safety defect may exist. The results of a PE determine whether the investigation will be upgraded to an Engineering Analysis or closed. Most PEs are resolved within four months.


Second and final phase of a NHTSA investigation, an EA is undertaken if data from a PE indicate further examination of a potential safety defect is warranted. The results of an EA determine whether a safety recall should be initiated or the investigation should be closed. Most EAs are resolved within one year.


NHTSA monitors recalls to ensure that the scope, completion rate, and remedy are adequate. If recall adequacy comes into question, an RQ is opened to determine if the scope of the recall should be expanded or an adjustment in existing remedies is required.


NHTSA may be petitioned to investigate an alleged safety defect or whether a manufacturer has successfully carried out the requirements of a recall. If the petition is granted, NHTSA opens an appropriate investigation. If the petition is denied, the reasons for denial are published in the Federal Register.

Do You Think You Have Experienced An Automotive/Vehicle Defect? Is Your Vehicle The Subject Of A Defect Investigation?

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