Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. Investigating Potential Claims on Behalf of Victims of Dominion National’s Cyberattack. reported that “[c]ustomers of Dominion National dental and vision insurer and administrator started to receive notifications about a potential intrusion on the company’s computer systems that may have exposed personal information to an unauthorized party.  Reportedly, “[t]he breach may have occurred almost nine years ago, on August 25, 2010, and was uncovered only recently following an internal alert.” also reported that “the company assesses that the systems accessed without authorization included information like names and postal addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, social security numbers, taxpayer IDs, bank details (account, routing numbers), as well as member ID, group, and subscriber numbers.”

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Dominion National, “an insurer and administrator of dental and vision benefits,” posted a “Notice of Data Security Incident,” which stated that the data breach “may have involved information related to Dominion National members, members of plans [it] provide[s] administrative services for, producers, and healthcare providers.”

According to the data incident notice:

On April 24, 2019, through [Dominion National’s] investigation of an internal alert, with the assistance of a leading cyber security firm, [Dominion National] determined that an unauthorized party may have accessed some of [Dominion National’s] computer servers. The unauthorized access may have occurred as early as August 25, 2010. . . .

[Dominion National has] undertaken a comprehensive review of the data stored or potentially accessible from those computer servers and [has] determined that the data may include enrollment and demographic information for current and former members of Dominion National and Avalon vision, and current and former members of plans [Dominion National] provide administrative services for. In addition, the data may include personal information for producers who placed Dominion National and Avalon vision policies, and healthcare providers participating in the insurance programs of Dominion National. The member information may have included names, addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, member ID numbers, group numbers, and subscriber numbers. For members who enrolled online through Dominion National’s website, their bank account and routing numbers may have also been included in the data. The provider information may have included names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and/or taxpayer identification numbers. The producer information may have included names and Social Security numbers. [Emphasis added.]

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