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Some Reasons Why Printer Ink So Expensive?

According to Consumer Reports:

There’s no joy in shopping for printer ink. It’s expensive to buy, little fun to use, and before you know it—it’s time to purchase it again.

And that’s a constant cause of frustration among printer owners. In CR’s annual printers survey, the expense of ink or toner replacement is the most common pain point for printer owners—affecting the owners of 1 in 5 printers.

Printer “Ink Gets Wasted”

According to Consumer Reports:

Most consumers are getting only half of what they [think] they’re paying for.

According to our labs, with many printers, more than half of the ink you buy will never wind up on a page.

Printers use ink in two ways. First, of course, they use ink to print documents and images. But inkjets also use ink just for maintenance, mainly for cleaning the printheads. “Most people aren’t really aware of the maintenance needs of inkjets,” [Rich] Sulin says.

“It’s typical for an inkjet to waste as much ink on maintenance cycles as it uses to print documents,” he says.

However, there are big disparities in efficiency between models, Sulin says. Some printers use much more ink than others for maintenance—and the differences to the consumer’s bottom line can really add up.

Epson Printer Cartridge Consumers

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