Lawsuit Filed Against The Hertz Corporation To Recover Unpaid Overtime On Behalf of Body Damage Appraisers 

Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. is making individuals aware that a class and collective action complaint has been filed in United States District Court, Northern District of California, against The Hertz Corporation (“Hertz”) to recover unpaid overtime pay on behalf of Hertz Body Damage Appraisers who, allegedly, were misclassified as exempt from federal and state overtime requirements.

Hertz, according to the complaint,

. . . required and/or knowingly permitted Plaintiff and other [Body Damage] Appraisers to work hours considerably in excess of eight hours a day and/or 40 hours a week. Plaintiff is informed and believes that it was Hertz’s policy and practice to require and/or knowingly permit [Body Damage] Appraisers to work overtime hours without receiving overtime compensation.

Hertz did not have a policy or practice to provide duty and control free meal periods to Plaintiff and its other [Body Damage] Appraisers.

Hertz did not have a policy or practice to permit and/or authorize duty and control free rest breaks to Plaintiff and its other [Body Damage] Appraisers.

. . .

As a result of Hertz misclassifying [Body Damage] Appraisers as ‘exempt,’ it failed to pay premium overtime compensation to Plaintiff and similarly situated [Body Damage] Appraisers for hours worked over eight in a day and 40 in a week.

As a result of misclassifying [Body Damage] Appraisers as ‘exempt,’ Hertz willfully failed to pay [Body Damage] Appraisers at the time of termination of employment all accrued overtime, meal period, and rest break compensation.

Plaintiff is informed and believes that Hertz misclassified [Body Damage] Appraisers as exempt to avoid paying overtime wages, providing off-duty meal periods and rest breaks to employees who worked overtime hours, and compensating [Body Damage] Appraisers for missed meal period and rest breaks. [Emphasis added.]

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