Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. is making consumers aware of the following Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) class action lawsuit filing:
Mike Bloomberg 2020, Inc. (“Mike Bloomberg 2020”)

Class action lawsuit filed on March 6, 2020 against Mike Bloomberg 2020, Inc. and other defendants, as of yet unknown, in United States District Court, Central District of California, “to stop [Mike Bloomberg 2020’s and the other Defendants’ alleged] practice of sending text messages using an ‘automatic telephone dialing system’ . . . to the cellular telephones of consumers nationwide without their prior express written consent; (2) enjoin [Mike Bloomberg 2020 and the other defendants] from continuing to send autodialed text messages to consumers who did not provide their prior express written consent to receive them; and (3) obtain redress for all persons injured by [Defendants’] conduct.”

According to the complaint, “[b]eginning in 2020, [Mike Bloomberg 2020 and the other defendants, as of yet unknown], . . . individually or jointly, directly or indirectly, [allegedly] sent multiple, unsolicited, non-emergency text messages to the cell phones of [Plaintiffs] and other telephone consumers throughout California and the United States promoting the 2020 presidential campaign of Michael Rubens Bloomberg, and they did so with full knowledge as to the lack of requisite consent that [Defendants] knew was necessary for their messages to have been lawfully texted to consumers in the manner in which they were.”

The Plaintiffs also, allegedly, “never consented in writing, or otherwise, to receive autodialed text messages . . . relating to Mr. Bloomberg’s . . . candidacy,” and the Plaintiffs “did not have a pre-existing relationship with [Defendants], and never gave their prior consent to receiving . . . text messages on their cellular telephones soliciting them to support Mr. Bloomberg or contribute to his campaign.”

Do You Believe You Are a Victim of Illegal Robocalls, Text Messages, “Junk” Faxes or Telemarketing Sales Calls?

If you have received illegal robocalls, text messages, “junk” faxes or telemarketing sales calls, you may be able to recover at least $500 for each illegal call, text or fax you received and, possibly, as much as $1,500 for each illegal call, text message or facsimile that was made either willfully or knowingly in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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