Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. Is Making Consumers Aware of Entities Named As Defendants In Recently Filed Class Action Lawsuits Alleging Violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
Wise Travel, Inc

Defendant, “a travel booking agency,” allegedly sent telemarketing text messages to Plaintiff’s cellular phone.  The complaint contained the following copies of text messages the Plaintiff received from “short code” 343-78:

Travel Resorts of America, Inc.

Defendant, allegedly, “placed at least twenty . . . unsolicited calls and voicemails to Plaintiff’s cellular telephone from the telephone number (772) 224-3093.”  One example in the complaint of a call/voicemail the Plaintiff received is as follows:

Springville Partners LLC

Springville Partners, allegedly, placed a telemarketing call to one of the Plaintiff’s cell phone from telephone number (929) 364-0998 to solicit Plaintiff for a loan. The Defendant also, allegedly, placed a telemarketing call to another Plaintiff’s cell phone from telephone number (347) 778-5191.

SmileDirectClub, LLC

Allegedly, the Plaintiff received unsolicited calls from (443) 498-4301, (443) 355-4808, and (443) 355-4693, as well as the following text messages from short code 75093:

Your new smile is waiting! Text FULLPAY to get started for a one-time payment of $1895 or SMILEPAY for $250 down and $85/month for 24mo – SmileDirectClub.

Hi Jackie, it’s Villard from your local SmileDirectClub Smileshop! ?I see your smile plan is ready for production and was hoping to answer any questions that didn’t come up during your appointment. If you have any questions, simply text back or call 800-688-0450 to talk to someone on our team!

Allegedly, the Plaintiff received two additional text messages, despite a text message from the Plaintiff advising SmileDirectClub not to contact Plaintiff.

SelectQuote Insurance Services

The Plaintiff’s cell phone, allegedly, received an unsolicited call from (619) 353-1292.

Reliance First Capital, LLC

Reliance First Capital, allegedly, contacted Plaintiff on Plaintiff’s cell phone in an effort to solicit Plaintiff to purchase the services of Reliance First Capital.

Press Ganey Associates LLC

Press Ganey Associates, allegedly, “. . . utilized . . . a sophisticated telephone dialing system to send text messages to individuals en masse promoting its services. On information and belief, Defendant obtained these telephone numbers (i.e., leads) by purchasing marketing lists containing consumers’ telephone numbers.”

Optimal Logistics LLC and Other Unknown Defendants

Allegedly, Defendant contacted Plaintiff’s cell phone without Plaintiff’s prior express consent in an effort to solicit Plaintiff to buy Defendant’s services.

Mindbody, Inc.

Mindbody, allegedly, “caused” a text message to be sent to Plaintiff’s cellular telephone.  The complaint contained the following copy of the text message Plaintiff received from (805) 973-0823:

Do You Believe You Are a Victim of Illegal Robocalls, Text Messages, “Junk” Faxes or Telemarketing Sales Calls?

If you have received illegal robocalls, text messages, “junk” faxes or telemarketing sales calls, you may be able to recover at least $500 for each illegal call, text or fax you received and, possibly, as much as $1,500 for each illegal call, text message or facsimile that was made either willfully or knowingly in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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