Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. Is Making Consumers Aware of Entities Named As Defendants In Recently Filed Class Action Lawsuits Alleging Violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
CHW Group, Inc., d/b/a Choice Home Warranty

Plaintiff allegedly received unsolicited autodialed calls from (800) 814-4345.

Accel Capital LLC

The following telemarketing text message was allegedly sent to Plaintiff’s phone from (724) 888-5067:

Songwhale LLC and Other Unknown Defendants

Plaintiff was allegedly contacted from SMS “short code” 9423-53, “in an attempt to solicit people to join the U.S. Army Reserve.”

Sync Brokerage, Inc.

Plaintiff allegedly received at least 15 unwanted text messages from SMS 484-848.  Some of the text messages, allegedly, invited the Plaintiff to call (818) 614-4380, (818) 239-6270 or (818) 770-3660; at least one text message requested Plaintiff to “Join #SYNC, the Pioneers of the new era in Real Estate, where massive office space and agent quantity does not define quality”; and at least one of the text messages included links to or

AZ Mobile Applications, LLC

Plaintiff allegedly received unsolicited text messages from (619) 552-3410, an example of which is as follows:

Universal Promote, Inc.

Plaintiff allegedly received the following unsolicited text message advertising “Zentap’s video commercial services” from (910) 507-2043: Inc.

Plaintiff allegedly received an unsolicited text message from (954) 507-9334 “promoting” the alarm services of

Jobcase, Inc.

Plaintiff allegedly received unsolicited text messages, including the following text message from (816) 203-3426:

Andrew, looking for a Operations job around NEW YORK? We would like to speak with you: 8162033426

-jobcase text STOP to end

Core Home Security, LLC, d/b/a Smart Home Security

Plaintiff allegedly received the following two prerecorded business solicitation messages from (747) 322-3829 and (818) 938-8289, asking Plaintiff to call (844) 916-0448:

Hey this is Mark with home security promotions. Calling you about a free doorbell camera and alarm system, its Monday April 13th, were in your area this week, so you call me back toll free at  844-916-0448. Thanks.

Do You Believe You Are a Victim of Illegal Robocalls, Text Messages, “Junk” Faxes or Telemarketing Sales Calls?

If you have received illegal robocalls, text messages, “junk” faxes or telemarketing sales calls, you may be able to recover at least $500 for each illegal call, text or fax you received and, possibly, as much as $1,500 for each illegal call, text message or facsimile that was made either willfully or knowingly in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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