Southern Telecom, Inc. (“Southern Telecom”), a manufacturer of audio components, has been sued in United States District Court in the District of Massachusetts.  The complaint alleges Southern Telecom misled consumers by manufacturing a stereo tower speaker that appears to have four speakers, when, in fact, two of the speakers are non-operational “dummy” components.

Southern Telecom


Southern Telecom’s Alleged “Dummy” Components

According to the complaint, the plaintiff purchased a Polaroid Bluetooth Tower Speaker, model number PBT3012, through  The product, pictured right, appears to have four speakers, however, only the top and bottom speakers are operational.  A photograph of the interior of the product, provided in the complaint, shows that the middle speakers lack any basic parts and wiring that would make them functioning speakers.

Why do the “Dummy” components matter?

According to the complaint, the plaintiff would not have purchased the product had it not been for the false impression that it had four speakers.  By including the “dummy” components, Southern Telecom is giving consumers the false impression that their product is worth a high price.  As a result, consumers may be paying more for the product than they would if the two working speakers were the only ones displayed.

Who may have been affected?

Anyone who purchased a Polaroid speaker, model PBT3012, may have been harmed by the alleged misrepresentation by Southern Telecom.  Although the plaintiff in the complaint purchased the product on, the Polaroid speaker is sold through multiple channels including Big Lots and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Southern Telecom also manufactures similar tower speakers under different brands.  Other models include the Sharper Image Stereo Tower Speaker, model SBT1012, and the Art+Sound Bluetooth Wireless Tower Speaker, model AR1002.  While it is unknown whether these models actually contain dummy components, their similarity to the Polaroid speaker may warrant further investigating.

What can those who may have been affected do?

The Kehoe Law Firm is ready to help.  Anyone who believes they have purchased speaker with dummy components manufactured by Southern Telecom can speak to an attorney for a free, no-obligation consultation by calling Michael Yarnoff, Esq., (215) 792-6676, Ext. 804, or sending an e-mail to [email protected].

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